Which is the costliest App available on app store?

Answer by Christo Thomas Jose:

  1. QSFFStats
    Price: $999.99
    Category: Sports
  2. VIP Black
    Price: $999.99
    Category: Lifestyle
  3. BarMax Ca/BarMax NY
    Price: $999.99
    Category: Education
  4. iRA C3 Mobile
    Price: Free; $900/year Subscription
    Category: Business
  5. DDS GP Yes!
    Price: $499.99
    Category: Medical
  6. PDR Quote
    Price: $349.99
    Category: Business
  7. TouchChat AAC with WordPower
    Price: $299.99
    Category: Education
  8. Buddy Repperton’s Basketball
    Price: $199.99
    Category: Games
  9. XA1
    Price: $179.99
    Category: Music
  10. MBA 2.0 Learning Studio: Platinum Edition
    Price: $99.99
    Category: Business

Reference : The 10 Most Expensive iPhone, iPad Apps

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