Why isn’t there a modern TV series or movie based on the Mahabharata?

Answer by Christo Thomas Jose:

Haven’t you seen The Mahabharata that was aired in Doordarshan on Sundays morning at 9:30 in late 90’s. It ran for almost 2 years. It was one of the most awaited shows in TV history just along with Rangoli, Chandrakantha and other cartoon stuffs.

After Mahabharata, Sri Krishna was aired in Doordarshan itself which also depicts stories from Mahabharata.

To answer your comments I got some statistics from Wikipedia and IMDB, both trustworthy and renown.

First one is “Prior to its airing, Indian television had been rocked by the explosive popularity of Ramayan,  which had reached over 100 million viewers on a weekly basis. When  “Mahabharat” aired, it soon reached and finally overtook that  popularity. According to an Indian television poll, it was estimated to  have been viewed regularly on 92% of Indian televisions during its  original run.    ”


“It was shown in the UK by the BBC, where it achieved audience figures of  5 million, unheard of for a subtitled series being aired in the  afternoon.” Mahabharat (1988–1990)

Second one from Wikipedia “According to production team member Kishore Malhotra, the total cost of producing the series was  Rs. 90000000 (US$1.7 million)” Mahabharat (TV series)

Isn’t that a lots of production money at that point of time? Yeah, I agree with the point of graphics and animation that was just not good at that time. Lets see after the latest visit by Steven Spielberg, a remake can be seen.

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