What can your next job be after you are publicly fired from a high profile position?

Answer by Anonymous:

Getting fired from a high-profile position is completely different than getting fired from a "regular" job.  Most people imagine that it would resemble a humiliating experience being fired from a regular job.  If you have ever been fired from a high-profile job or had a close friend who was, you will know differently:

When you are publicly fired from a high-profile job you are inundated with job offers.

Being fired is humiliating, no matter how you look at it.  But when you are fired publicly from a high-profile job, it is pretty much an advertisement for you. A lot of people think that when you're fired, it means you're somehow worthless, not fit for any job – nothing could be further from the truth.  Executive recruiters and senior management teams are pragmatic and professional.  They know that often people are fired because the job was not a good fit – it only takes a single wrong variable to make a job not work out for a person – but that person is in general still qualified for that level of position (or they would have never been in considered in the first place).  They are still probably a great candidate for many, many similar jobs and executive-level positions often don't have many qualified candidates.  Thus they will jump to make an offer to that person and a public firing merely says "Hey, this guy is now on the market!"

Think about it this way: a supermodel gets dumped by her billionaire boyfriend.  Maybe it means there is something wrong with her!  That might turn a small number of guys off but she is still a supermodel and now she is on the market.  She will be hit up by dozens of guys.  Same thing with any executive who is publicly fired.

Remember Scott Thompson?  The Yahoo CEO (ironically) who was fired because he had lied on his resume?  Two months later he was hired as CEO of an e-commerce company (see Ousted Yahoo Chief Lands New CEO Role).  Executives will often be courted by competitors, by clients or customers who developed respect working with them, etc.  Being fired doesn't make them toxic at all.

Henrique de Castro might choose to take a break before doing another job but if he does, it will be by his choice, not because he doesn't have more job opportunities.

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