Jailbreak iOS 7.0.6

17 year old iOS Jailbreak Hacker joins Apple later this Year

Recognized jailbreaker “winocm“ declared today that he will be acquiring a job at Apple later this year.

When asked for comment, the 17-year-old hacker dropped to intricate on what his new position at Apple will include. He also refused to deliver his real name, which is a common motif amongst high-profile jailbreak hackers who choose to hide behind their online pseudonyms.

Winocm Apple Jailbreak

Although winocm did not work on the current iOS 7 jailbreak, his competence in reverse engineering iOS will certainly make him a beneficial resource at Apple.

Winocm lately assisted out a jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3-6.1.5 on older iPhones. He began making contributions to the jailbreak scene at the end of 2011 with the release of the iPhone 4S. Subsequently, he states that he has “been doing insane things with iOS.”

In November of 2013, he single handedly ported the core of both OS X and iOS to non-Apple hardware. The port authorized him to run the core operating system down below OS X and the iPhone OS on a Nokia N900. By spinning the iPhone OS from the beginning, he was effectively in a position to generate an open source version of the operating system.

In an email exchange with Cult of Mac, winocm said,

“I had to basically do exactly what Apple did when they were making iPhone OS originally. It’s really complex and hellish stuff. Usually they have a team of people working on this type of thing, but I’m just one person, not a team.”

Winocm becoming a member of Apple remains the trend of well-known jailbreak hackers jumping sides to work in Cupertino. Popular JailbreakMe creator Nicholas Allegra signed up with Apple as an intern in 2011 and has not been openly engaged in the community of jailbreaking since.


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