Dizmo UI digital gizmos

Dizmo, a Revolutionary Touch UI exceeded its Fundraising goal

The Swiss-based software company Dizmo exceeded its fundraising goal of $25,000 today on Kickstarter, and its smart user interface could be readily available by June. Dizmo’s user interface enables customers to move, swivel, shrink and expand any app, which includes calendars, maps, spreadsheets or videos on televisions, tablets and glass surfaces. All the features of Dizmo’s interface are sensitive, meaning the visual aspects automatically adjust to the size they’re expanded or shrunk to.

dizmo space is structured on HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and delivers you with an industry standard debugging system that helps you developing powerful and efficient code. Furthermore to that, you have built-in access to standard JS libraries like jQuery and Joose, while keeping the alternative to add your own libraries and frameworks. dizmo space also offers you with a utility library to enable you to easily make your dizmos look good and well integrated in the environment.

Some of the key characteristics of the dizmo space are:

  • Organize (move, rotate, re-size) dizmos on any digital surface
  • Develop and simultaneously use distinct dizmos at the same time
  • Get multiple copies of any dizmo
  • Rapidly navigate through an endless digital space with a zoom-able user interface
  • Move and share dizmos between numerous devices, throughout rooms or locations, making your digital gizmos ubiquitous through the cloud
  • Build your own dizmos, by using the dizmo SDK
  • Dock dizmos together, enabling apps to communicate to each other and work together


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