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Who’s the guy that insults Steve Jobs in this clip of WWDC 1997?

Answer by Anonymous:

I’ll answer this question as it seems people are curious, but I just want to mention that this outburst/accusation was made many years ago, and I feel like the answer won’t be what everyone is expecting (an angry Sun Microsystems employee, a person who hates Steve Jobs/Apple, etc). We should all be sure to respect his privacy and not go out on a witch hunt for something said years ago.

The audience member is named Robert Hamisch. Mr. Hamisch was a consultant at a security firm in the 1990’s that did consultant services for Sun Microsystems (their billing and payroll department) for a short period of time. As far as I know, he left the company (the consulting firm, he never worked for Sun directly) and has since retired. He attended the 1997 WWDC sponsored by his security consulting firm, although never had any stake in Sun Microsystems as a whole besides general system security for their billing and payroll department. I don’t know why he specifically asked about Java, but he may have just been frustrated with Jobs and his performance as a whole.

Source: I worked for the event coordination office for the WWDC event in 1997 and personally spoke to Mr. Hamisch after the event (basically to ID him incase he tried to come back to another event in the future, something that many people were trying to avoid, as I’m sure you can imagine). I asked him a few general questions (ex: Who are you, why did you insult Mr. Jobs, on what terms did you attend the event, etc). I speak on terms on anonymity because I am still employed in the tech field and feel like answering this question with my actual identity would compromise my job. I will not be answering any further questions related to this.

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