mexican drugs and weapons

Photos of Mexican Drug Lord Zetas leader Miguel Angel Trevino, aka Z-40’s Home, After Being Raided!!

Want to see real Breaking Bad? Here it is..

Photos of Mexican Drug Lord Zetas leader Miguel Angel Trevino, aka Z-40’s Home, After Being Raided:

Yes, that is cash piled on the table in the background!

Just a small collection of guns – these people are not really dangerous at all; not.

Yes, that is real gold on these guns!

Gold and Titanium 45 Caliber semi automatic pistols – they found 16 of these!

Go and kill in the name of the Lord my son was etched!  There was a matched pair of these found.

357 Magnum semi automatic with solid gold grips.

This guy had a better gun collection then most legitimate museums do.

Man made cave and hot tub inside the home.

A collection of exotic animals – which were cared for in the grandest fashion by the way.

8 Lions were on the property.

A very rare Tiger!

The back yard pool.

Exotic art collection –  some of which was illegal to own – some stolen.

More guns than you could ever imagine!

This pile of cash …A BIG PILE OF CASH…I removed the amount because no any pure source can confirm how much was it…But it was heck of roomful and not bagful…hahahaha

Pile of cash from another angle.

Guns and more cash hidden all over the house, along with ample ammo, just in case of trouble.

Additional stacks of cash were found in every nook and cranny!

This case is filled with 100 dollar Bills estimated to be and additional 1/2 a million dollars and no doubt headed out to make another drug by perhaps from the Columbians.

Additional 18 plastic bins filled with 100 dollar bills were discovered!

Another cabinet stack tight with cash – all 100 dollar bills.

Even more 100 dollar bills!

Each of these stacks of 100 dollar bills holds $250,000 (a quarter of a million dollars)!  They also had millions in Columbian money and Mexico Pesos although they preferred American dollars for the most part.

Folks, there were even stacks of Chinese Yen found in one closet!

More Gold machine guns and pistols –  more were never fired, just held for collection value.

They just burned it all down!

It seemed the world was divided into good and bad people. The good ones slept better while the bad ones seemed to enjoy the waking hours much more.

Life takes its path and sometimes there are people to blame. Of course there are bad people in this world. Good, bad, it happens unfortunately. But in a way I think if there was more focus on the good, more good would happen. He may have lived in palace of gold but at end destiny Perishes bad and keeps good. So choose on which side you resides your thought.

Now Do me a favor and let me how feeling right now ? Dumbstruck aren’t you ?

NO one believes this,that’s why sources  :-

Adapted from Quora


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