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Online Gaming Industry Could Grow More Than 79% – 2009-2014

As 2014 ends, the online gaming market is expected to touch $7.1 billion in gaming revenue, according to leading research firm iGaming Business. If this happens, it would mark growth of almost 79% from the 2009 figures.

Through its long history, gaming has been thoroughly enjoyed, both by experts and novice players. Now, with the penetration of the Internet, gaming has reached all corners of the globe, and India is no exception.

Why the Online Gaming Industry Rocks

Online gaming is a favorite pastime, although its time has not past! Here are some of the reasons for the phenomenal growth of the online casino industry:

  1. Access: An increasing number of people have access to these games. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection and you are ready to try your luck. With the falling prices of PCs, laptops and smartphones, these devices found a place in more and more homes.
  2. Technological advancements: With superior technology, the interface became extremely user friendly and exciting. Many game simulate the experience of playing the games in person, rather than virtually. The only difference is that you can play from the comfort of your own home, while enjoying all the excitement.
  3. Variety: There are many forms of online gaming – lotteries, sports betting and cards. Take the popular game of rummy for instance. You can choose from variations like 13 Cards Rummy, 101 Pool Rummy and Best of Three. There is never a dull moment, as one can simply alternate between games to keep the excitement on. If you check out websites like Rummy Mania, you can see the enormous reviews on the rummy variants and online rummy websites.
  4. Safety: With time, online financial transactions have become securer. There are techniques in place and people’s trust on these has grown. The earlier apprehension has been replaced with enthusiasm. This explains the growth in online shopping as well, which is an equally booming industry in India.
  5. Large user-base: When it comes to online gaming, one would be playing with people from across the globe. This increases the excitement factor. Moreover, with a larger user-base, you will always find people to play with, whenever you wish to play.
  6. Tournaments: Exciting tournaments are held online and the money to be won is very attractive. This is because online gaming providers have lower overhead costs than brick and mortar casinos. Almost all the money can be given out as prizes at these tournaments. For instance, at Rummy Millionaire, till now more than Rs. 50 lakhs has been won by people.

So where is the future of online gaming heading? With better Internet speeds and newer devices like tablets coming into the market, it will not be surprising to see more people logging on for entertain, interaction and, of course, to win big bucks.


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