There’s an Android bot peeing on an Apple logo on Google Maps

Sick of all the Apple Watch news today? You’re in luck, because we have something completely different for you. An image of an Android mascot, also known as an Android bot or Bugdroid, peeing on an Apple logo has been discovered on Google Maps. (more…)

iOS Ferrari Mercedes Volvo

iOS to feature in Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo cars

Already in June 2013, Apple introduced iOS for the first time in front of the car. Optimized for use in the car function will now be presented at the Auto Show in Geneva, reports the Financial Times. Among the first partners, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo befänden.

Racing cars and luxury cars with iOS 7

Apple's SIRI in Cars

It is not in iOS in the Car to its own operating system, but a future feature of iOS 7: Per iPad or iPhone extends the program the user interface of the vehicle’s electronics – separate Apple hardware is therefore required. Details of the deal between Cupertino and the car manufacturers are not known. However, it is not unlikely that the manufacturer will present the feature in action and announce compatible models. (more…)

pandora radio

Pandora : What’s the best bit of advice you’ve been given as an entrepreneur?

Answer by Tim Westergren, Founder of Pandora:

Learn public speaking.

Of all the skills that an entrepreneur can have, I think the ability to convey an idea or opportunity, with confidence, eloquence and passion is the most universally useful skill.  Whether you’re pitching a group of investors, rallying your employees, selling a customer, recruiting talent, addressing consumers, or doing a press tour, the ability to deliver a great talk is absolutely invaluable.  And it is perhaps THE most under-recognized and under-nurtured skill.

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Software Engineer

What happens to software engineers who don’t climb the corporate ladder and stay as engineers?

Answer by Harry Glaser:

They become … Unix Beards!

(Just kidding.)

They become better, more experienced, more sought-after, better-rewarded engineers. Some of the best big tech companies recognize this explicitly in their career ladders. At Google, for example, there is a separate job ladder for “individual contributors”, which culminates (or once did) at “Google Fellow”. An engineer at this level is commensurate with a Vice President, and has similar high-level impact — even moreso on questions of technology, architecture and technical direction. I believe there are similar positions at Facebook, Apple, etc. (more…)

steve jobs apple pixar

Who’s the guy that insults Steve Jobs in this clip of WWDC 1997?

Answer by Anonymous:

I’ll answer this question as it seems people are curious, but I just want to mention that this outburst/accusation was made many years ago, and I feel like the answer won’t be what everyone is expecting (an angry Sun Microsystems employee, a person who hates Steve Jobs/Apple, etc). We should all be sure to respect his privacy and not go out on a witch hunt for something said years ago.


Samsung S4 Gold iPhone 5S Gold

Samsung Announces Galaxy S5 Gold Edition, Launch on April 11, 2014

Samsung just unveiled its latest primary smartphone the Galaxy S5 and besides it is waterproof, it comes in four colors – black, white, blue and gold.

Apple introduced the gold iPhone 5s last Fall which guided Samsung to react up with a special edition gold S4 edition, but now it plans to sell the gold S5 globally commencing in April 11, 2014.

The gold iPhone 5s was a massive hit with buyers demand far outpacing supply. We’ll have to hang on till Spring to see if the gold S5 encourages a similar enthusiasm with fans, but so far it’s drawing more comparisons to a band-aid than an Apple product.

I want success similar to that of Steve Jobs. What should I do?

Answer by Balaji Viswanathan:

Sorry to burst your bubble. But, this conversation involving Mozart will be helpful for you.

In short, if you have to ask how you can become Steve Jobs, you can never become a Steve Jobs. Start with simple apps and device hacks to work your way up. If you are lucky and are really committed, maybe you can really leave a mark.

It took more than 3 decades even for Jobs to be truly recognized as an icon. In the meanwhile he slaved hard, had a temporary rise to the peak, thrown from his perch, ridiculed, worked his way back and prove himself all over again with kick-ass products. Now, you want to jump to the 20th step directly without having any past of crossing even 1 step.

There is a top-secret recipe for success. Keep this secret mantra:

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Jailbreak iOS 7.0.6

17 year old iOS Jailbreak Hacker joins Apple later this Year

Recognized jailbreaker “winocm“ declared today that he will be acquiring a job at Apple later this year.

When asked for comment, the 17-year-old hacker dropped to intricate on what his new position at Apple will include. He also refused to deliver his real name, which is a common motif amongst high-profile jailbreak hackers who choose to hide behind their online pseudonyms.

Winocm Apple Jailbreak

Although winocm did not work on the current iOS 7 jailbreak, his competence in reverse engineering iOS will certainly make him a beneficial resource at Apple.

Winocm lately assisted out a jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3-6.1.5 on older iPhones. He began making contributions to the jailbreak scene at the end of 2011 with the release of the iPhone 4S. Subsequently, he states that he has “been doing insane things with iOS.”

In November of 2013, he single handedly ported the core of both OS X and iOS to non-Apple hardware. The port authorized him to run the core operating system down below OS X and the iPhone OS on a Nokia N900. By spinning the iPhone OS from the beginning, he was effectively in a position to generate an open source version of the operating system.

In an email exchange with Cult of Mac, winocm said,

“I had to basically do exactly what Apple did when they were making iPhone OS originally. It’s really complex and hellish stuff. Usually they have a team of people working on this type of thing, but I’m just one person, not a team.”

Winocm becoming a member of Apple remains the trend of well-known jailbreak hackers jumping sides to work in Cupertino. Popular JailbreakMe creator Nicholas Allegra signed up with Apple as an intern in 2011 and has not been openly engaged in the community of jailbreaking since.

Apple White Logo and Wallpaper

iOS 7.0.6 With SSL Connection Verification Fix Releases Prior to iOS 7.1

iOS 7.0.6 updateApple today released iOS 7.0.6 which is of size 35.4 MB and it provides a fix for SSL connection verification. You can update over the air from your iPhone/iPad or with your PC or Apple Mac iTunes app. The latest software push delivers Apple consumers up to iOS 7.0.6, a small phase in the direction of a much bigger upgrade to iOS 7.1, which is predicted to unveil in March.

Apple White Logo and Wallpaper

Activity Tracker in Headphones – New Patent by Apple

Forget the iWatch. A recently published Apple patent details an interesting health-monitoring device built into a pair of headphones or earbuds.

Along with being able to track user activity during exercise, the proposed technology can sense other biometric data like temperature, perspiration, and heartbeat.


And at least one embodiment of the technology features control with head gestures, according to the filing:

As a method for controlling an electronic device though one or more head gestures, one embodiment of the invention can, for example, include at least: receiving head motion data pertaining a head motion of a user of the electronic device; determining whether the head motion data matches any of a plurality of predetermined head gestures; and identifying an action associated with the matching predetermined head gesture. Additionally, the method can further operate to perform the identified action on the electronic device.

Entitled Sports monitoring system for headphones, earbuds and/or headsets, one of the more interesting facts from the patent is its original filing date of August 21, 2008. That shows Apple has been interested in activity tracking technology for almost six years. Christopher Prest and Quin C. Hoellwarth are listed as the inventors on the patent.

The pictured image shows a diagram of the monitoring system located near an earbud.

As the wearable technology market has continued to heat up, Apple is reportedly hard at work on a so-called iWatch that could possibly contain many of the similar technologies.